Online Tutoring Methods

Overview of UIS’ Online Tutoring Methods
The Center for Teaching and Learning at UIS offers online tutoring in mathematics, science, and writing to current UIS students. Students can choose which method of online tutoring they would prefer to use. If they want to meet with one of our tutors, they can schedule online appointments either in an Elluminate V-Room or Blackboard Discussion forum, depending on whether the student wants to meet synchronously or asynchronously. Also, a student may choose to receive online tutoring by downloading our online tutorials.

Synchronous Tutoring via Elluminate V-Rooms

An Elluminate V-Room is a free tool offered by Elluminate so that users can meet with other people online (up to 3 users at one time). View a demo of an Elluminate session here. We use V-Rooms so that our tutors can meet with students for one-to-one tutoring appointments. If a student chooses to schedule an appointment to meet with a tutor in the tutor's Elluminate V-Room, the student will receive tutoring similar to the way they would receive tutoring in a face-to-face setting. The tutor meets with the student LIVE and can share the student's assignment instructions and completed assignment through a "sharing" feature in the V-room. We will discuss more of the details of the Elluminate V-Room at the end of the presentation.

Asynchronous Tutoring via Blackboard Discussion Forums

Blackboard is a course management tool "focused on helping institutions at all levels drive learner achievement by creating personalized and engaging learning experiences, the kind that when achieved on a wide scale can bring about big and measurable change in learning outcomes." One tool in a Blackboard is a "Discussion Forum." We create a group discussion forum so that a tutor and a student can meet privately online. In the forum, the student can post his/her assignment instructions, assignment, and questions about the assignment so that the tutor can use Word Track changes to respond the student's question in the assignment document. The drawback to using this method is that the tutoring is done asynchronously, so the student is not able to respond with further questions unless he/she schedules another tutoring appointment. The advantage to using the forum is that it allows students to post their questions and and receive feedback without having to take the time to meet with someone or drive somewhere to receive tutoring.

Online Tutorials

The CTL creates online tutorials so that students can download materials in various formats and learn on their own. We publish PowerPoint presentations as PDFs, narrated PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and quizzes.

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