Elluminate V-Rooms: Most Effective Online Tutoring Method

Background about Tutoring
In our professional opinion, tutoring should consist of an interactive dialogue between the tutor and student, mostly the student talking and the tutor listening, complementing, and asking leading questions. This method has proven to assist students in learning how to help themselves so that they will eventually learn how to help themselves independently. Read more about this tutoring method by reading Jeff Brooks' "Minimalist Tutoring: Making the Student Do All the Work."

Features of an Elluminate V-Room
V-Rooms provide a perfect environment for online tutoring due to its sharing feature, audio capability, chat box, whiteboards, and much more. Specifically, the CTL uses the sharing feature, audio capability, chat box, and whiteboards. The sharing feature allows users to share documents from their computer to other users to view and edit. The audio capability allows users to use a microphone so that they can speak rather then type. The chat box allows users without a microphone to type their responses to one another. The whiteboard allows users to draw or type information. To see what an Elluminate V-room looks like, click here.

Effective Online Tutoring Method
Since Elluminate V-rooms allow tutors to meet with students synchronously, the CTL believes that the V-Room is the most effective online one-to-one tutoring method. The synchronous session allows tutors to practice Jeff Brooks' minimalist approach to tutoring: the tutor can listen, complement, and ask leading questions during the session. Furthermore, students enjoy the V-room due to its convenience and accessibility. To view a recording of an Elluminate one-to-one tutoring session, click here.

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